We all love memes and what’s better than just memes? Massage Meme! Here are the top 7 Funny Massage Memes to make your day better.

What’s not to love about a good massage? It’s usually a 60-minute massage that calms the body, mind, and spirit. Massages have massive benefits and leave you feeling fantastic. You experience less pain, are able to move more freely, and you are going to be in a better mood.

Don’t even get us started on how much fun memes bring to our life. We got through the nightmare that was 2020 thanks to these still photos and video clips with adjustable text and captions.

Massage’s popularity is increasing, and they’re educating people that obtaining a massage isn’t nearly as difficult as they make it out to be. It’s only natural to include them in memes.

When the massage is so good and time flies:

massage meme

That happens to all of us. It just feels so good, we get tired and time flies. Out of nowhere, the massage therapist tells us that the session is over. We all think the same “how was that the full session…”

Was the massage good or bad?:

funny massage meme

We never know what to think. Was the massage so good that the client cant answer properly or was it actually just “OK”? When they book the next session we usually guess it was a good massage but when they don’t…

Massage Therapist gets sick:

good massage memes

Massage Therapists are humans too… They get sick and they’re not always able to attend the massage session. The only thing we can do is to wish them a speed recovery and get the first appointment when they’re healthy!

Feeling the superpower in you:

massage memes

After a sports massage, we always do sport. We feel great and have more power than ever. The superpower in us calls us.

How often should you get a massage? :

best massage memes

Don’t they say more is better? Why getting a massage once per month when you can get it EVERY DAY. Let’s just relax and have fun!

You cant believe yourself:

best massage meme

That’s a mistake that will happen once and then never again. Enjoy your massage sessions and don’t forget to book them!

The client doesn’t book the full session…

massage meme

It’s not the worst but not the best feeling. The client is missing out so much by saving a little money. A full session can let you feel so much better than just 30 min. Next time, get a full massage session!

Those were our top 7 Massage Memes to make your day better.

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  • Jason Shmidt

    They are hilarious. I show them to all my friends, if i had any, thankfully, massages take the pain away, even if only temporarly. Seeing these memes was like a massage for my soul, relieving but gone the next day.

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