We hear the question “how much to tip massage therapist” very often. That’s why we have the best answer for you!

For massage tipping, the standard hospitality charge is 20%. A 20 percent tip on a $100 massage or body service, for example, would be $20.

“Depending on how satisfied you were with the massage, you can tip more or less,” adds Schweitzer, who emphasizes the need of planning ahead and bringing cash to tip your massage therapist.

“Paying cash directly to your masseuse allows him or her to take it home the same day, rather than having to wait for the spa to ‘tip out’ on the therapist’s normal paycheck,” she explains.

Many spas give little envelopes in which you can write your tips. Simply write your therapist’s name and a remark saying it came from you on the front of the card. Are there no envelopes available?

Schweitzer says she tucks her intended $20 tip into the pocket of her spa robe and offers it to her therapist after her session. Also, don’t forget to express gratitude.

“It’s worth its weight in gold to tell someone they did a good job,” Schweitzer says.

When Using a Coupon, How Much Should You Tip?

You should tip 20% off the original price. Not the discounted price if you buy a series of massages or a deal on a discount site.

While you may have received a discount, the massage therapist still performed the same amount of labor. He or she deserves a tip on the treatment’s standard price.

How Much Should You Tip for a Hotel Spa Massage?

Some all-inclusive spa resorts, such as Canyon Ranch or other destination spas, incorporate gratuity in their rates or add it to the final bill automatically.

We recommend double-checking your final bill for gratuities and inquiring about the tipping policy with the person who checks you in or out of the spa.

When Getting a Private Massage, How Much Should You Tip?

Massage therapists are expected to get tips, you should expect a 20% gratuity in any massage or spa treatment circumstance.

Are you unsure? Always inquire if you’re unsure. Tipping is always appreciated.

Is There Ever a Time When You Shouldn’t Tip?

The only time you should not tip your massage therapist is if you are at an all-inclusive spa that expressly states that tipping is not permitted.

What if it wasn’t such a memorable experience? Even if your massage wasn’t the finest you’ve ever had, it’s crucial to leave a gratuity. Even if it’s less than the industry standard of 20%.

Instead of withholding a tip, speak with the manager or the front desk about your bad experience.

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