Oak Haven Massage Austin

Oak Haven Massage Austin Oak Haven Massage Austin Oak Haven Massage Austin Oak Haven Massage Austin Oak Haven Massage Austin

Oak Haven Massage was started in 2005 by Dr. Steven Shuel, a chiropractor with over 27 years of experience in the massage and bodywork field. He, along with his wife and daughters, own and operate the two locations in San Antonio and Austin.

In April of 2005, Dr. Shuel sold his chiropractic practice in Santa Paula, California where he had practiced since 1988. He and his wife Kathleen moved to San Antonio Texas, along with their four daughters. His retirement plan was to take a few years off and decide what he wanted to do with the next phase of his life. His two youngest daughters still had a few years of high school left. The plan was to get the girls out of school, travel a bit with Kathleen, and enjoy life. The plan was going pretty well for five days. Then on the fifth day, he decided to get a massage- that massage triggered an idea.”What if he opened a massage center, where clients could get a therapeutic level massage session- similar to the session he and his staff did back in California?”

Most massage centers were giving a more relaxing, spa-like massage. He thought there might be a market for a more medical style massage. He thought about this idea over the next several weeks and had several discussions with Kathleen. Then in May 2005 he made the decision to open a new business and was ready to end his retirement.

Oak Haven Massage opened its doors in November of 2005. As of June 2018 they completed their 1,000,000th massage session – they currently employ 165 employees including 135 full time massage therapists … so much for retirement


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