If you are close to Austin, Texas, US, you should not miss the best Asian massage places in Austin! Below are the brief reviews of each salon with their ratings in descending order;

Austin Acupressure Massage

Austin Acupressure Massage
Austin Acupressure Massage
Austin Acupressure Massage

Their therapists know the right way to perform the Deep tissue massage. You could get their services any day from the whole week. A massage therapist can offer proper deep pressure to make one feel comfortable.

The experts can remove the tension from the areas that a client does not know. You can get their help to release the back and emotional tension or to get relief from the chronic pain you are facing for a long time. They charge fair pricing for therapeutic massages.

You could get great knowledge from their experts while they work on your body to remove the knots. They know how to apply deep pressure on the client’s body but do not make one feel uncomfortable. You can walk out from their studio with a completely relaxed body!

The therapists can put pressure using strong hands on the trigger points of the client’s body. It is to treat the chronic pain common these days due to high desk jobs or online work. One can get highly skilled therapists at a reasonable price.

You could choose their massage service to treat your discomfort and pain. One can exercise better with a free body after a session of their great quality massage.

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Rating: 5/5

Asia Massage Austin

Asian Massage Austin
Asia Massage Austin
Asian Massage Austin

It is one of the Asian massage Austin centers that offers proper Deep tissue massage. After all, they are one of the specialists of Deep tissue massage. A client can get their service any day since it is available all week! You can opt for a massage using hot stones.

Their experts can give full body massage from feet to head at a reasonable price. You could have a simple conversation or fill up the evaluation sheet before a massage to help them find the right pressure and ease the tights. The communicable masseurs can offer fantastic massage with welcoming and warm hospitality. Their couples massage is available for an hour.

The studio includes a comfortable and clean location. The therapists are well knowledgeable about the musculoskeletal system. They put the right pressure on several muscle regions, vertebrae, and shoulder blades. An expert can better ease the workout knots.

You would feel energetic and get a sound sleep after a thorough massage session. It is a legit place to get a gentle massage so you can function and feel better in your regular life. The services are available at well-priced to ease your muscles and joints.

You can choose their massage to remove all the knots and tension in the back or neck. Their main services are aromatherapy hot stone massage for couples available within the budget.

You can get more idea about their offerings from

Rating: 4.8/5

RUB Massage Austin

RUB Massage Austin
RUB Massage Austin
RUB Massage Austin

If you want to get a massage in a safe, quiet, spacious, and clean studio, you should choose the RUB massage center. They are best in giving complete body massages with great energy work. After the healing experience, anyone wants to repeat it in the future.

The experts can treat the pain points on the client’s body sensitively and adjust the pressure accordingly. You can feel extremely relaxed since their experts know their job well. They first listen to and can address your concerns to help you to relax your muscles. The therapists can help you to treat a sore body after any physical activity like a workout.

Their experts can check the right pressure to apply on the tightened pots of their clients. You could feel a comfortable ambiance in their studio. They are friendly yet focused during their work. A client can get a complete idea about their craft of massaging. One can visit their studio anytime to treat the stress or get the solution to any health issues!

You can gain knowledge and tips about health issues from the therapists. It would help you to take good care of yourself ahead. You can get great handwork here for the best therapeutic and unique massage. The experts converse with their clients in between the massage session to confirm if the applied pressure is right or not.

You can get a soothing back and foot massage from a highly skilled therapist. One can get good sports massage from their friendly staff with nice accommodation. One among the best choices of salons in Austin for the whole body plus tension relief massage therapy.

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Rating: 4.7/5

Total Relax

Total Relax
Total Relax

If you are looking for a reliable Asian massage Austin center whose services are available seven days a week, choose Total Relax. You can prefer this place to take a massage for treating shoulder, lower back, hip, or neck pain.

There is a kind of serenity at this place! By the way, you will feel healed and restored with each massaging touch of their therapists. A client can remove the pain of sciatica and frozen shoulder after their long massage session. You can take some regular massage sessions at this place till you feel healed. Get affordable massages from kind nature experts.

You will get a soothing massage with the right stretching and pressure for complete relaxation. You can mention the spots before a massage session where you need extra attention and work. They take precautions for COVID situations. Their experts are communicative during a massage session to satisfy the clients well. You could ask a therapist for your pressure preference to get a great experience.

They can help you calm the tension by working on every area of your body. Their experts use different techniques for massage and can give you stretching to help improve the range of motion in your body.

Click on the button for the complete details of their services.

Rating: 4.6/5

Xin Foot Spa

Xin Foot Spa
Xin Foot Spa

You can get a great value massage in Austin TX, US, at this saloon. The experts have years of experience who can use different techniques. The aim is to offer personalized massage services, especially taking much care of pregnant ladies. Their services are available for the whole week! The studio has a peaceful environment with helpful and friendly therapists.

There are different packages of various periods meant for the therapist to spend on various body parts. It includes the head, arms, back, and legs/feet. They are kind workers who provide fantastic massages to offer relaxation in your whole body. Clients can sure enjoy the couple’s massage!

They provide good consumer service for most of the people, but. Few clients are not happy either with the communication or behavior of their staff. You could ask them for any massage at an affordable service. Their friendly attitude therapists focus on the correct pressure points of their clients to offer full body massage.

The salon is very clean and they follow with a comfortable and elegant environment. You can expect good technique massages at a favorable price at this place.

You can get more knowledge about their types of massages from their official website:

Rating: 4/5

You can contact anytime any of the above massage centers in Austin, United States to get a satisfactory service!


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