MERCI Massage Detroit

MERCI Massage Detroit MERCI Massage Detroit MERCI Massage Detroit

Here at MERCI Massage, we provide the perfect blend of therapy and relaxation. With locations in both Redford and Canton, MERCI Massage was founded by owner, Madeleine Dechy. Madeleine loves to help people and has actively sought a team of massage therapists that share her passion and enthusiasm. MERCI Massage has experienced exceptional growth over the years by providing excellence in massage therapy and customer service that is second to none. When you find your passion, working every day doesn’t feel like work.

Madeleine’s belief that customer satisfaction is the highest priority propels MERCI Massage into the company it is today. Long before she opened the doors at the first location in Redford Township, she found that she had a knack for massage. For friends and family, Madeleine shared her gift. Along the way, encouragement to start a company and share these gifts became common.

She invested in certifications and training to hone her craft. Above all else, Madeleine desired to learn more about massage therapy and the human body to improve her already developed talents. With the support of her family and faith, she took the jump and opened the doors to the general public. Madeleine attributes her success to God, the support of her family, and the referrals given by the satisfied customers who come through her doors. Our Mission is to provide a professional, peaceful place of rest where clients can relax, refresh, heal and find hope.

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