Healing Hands Miami

Healing Hands Miami Healing Hands Miami Healing Hands Miami Healing Hands Miami

Founded in 2011, Healing Hands is currently on a trajectory of strong growth in an industry that is undergoing fundamental changes with regards to Americans’ attitudes toward health and wellness in the workplace.  Our corporate wellness services are an important part of this seismic shift from reactionary to preventative healthcare.

Healing Hands recognizes that happy, healthy employees are key to the success of any organization.  Our company wellness programs are custom-tailored for the social, mental, and physical health and well-being of every worker.  We consult with HR and management to align our programs with the prevailing corporate culture and environment of your organization.

Healing Hands is a thriving company with a great track record of creating and implementing customized wellness programs and employee appreciation events for everyone from small law firms to Fortune 100 companies.

We enjoy working with companies that share our belief that a corporate wellness program is not a luxury but an important investment in their employees’ wellbeing.  The services we provide more than pay for themselves in terms of lower stress levels, higher productivity, and a decrease in health insurance claims.

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