Breckels Massage Therapy Detroit

Breckels Massage Therapy Detroit Breckels Massage Therapy Detroit Breckels Massage Therapy Detroit Breckels Massage Therapy Detroit

Breckels Massage Therapy was founded by Betsy Breckels in 1985. She started off as an individual therapist, working out of different businesses, and traveling directly to clients’ houses. Over the years Breckels Massage Therapy has made its own home in various locations around Detroit. In 2004, Breckels Massage Therapy moved into the current location, on Mack Avenue, which features six beautiful treatment rooms.

In June of 2017, Betsy sold the business to her Business Manager and Massage Therapist, Amanda; so that she could carry on the same quality of care in the community, and with the same great staff that our clients have come to love, including Betsy. Amanda shared a similar vision for Breckels Massage Therapy to grow, and the team strives every day to bring highly professional and skilled massages to the greater Detroit area.

Our massage therapy clinic staff has grown to include many licensed massage therapists, friendly receptionists, and Betsy’s son, Jeff, who does janitorial and laundry work for the business.

All of our therapists are licensed in the state of Michigan and are members of various professional massage associations.

Breckels Massage Therapy has always been owned by a massage therapist with many years of experience, so we have the knowledge required to determine which incoming massage therapists will be best able to meet our clients’ needs. Additionally, we are able to support, teach, and give constructive feedback to our newer therapists to fast track them to the excellence our clients have come to expect.

We are constantly working to hone our skills so you can receive the most therapeutic and/or relaxing massage possible. We encourage clients to try all of our therapists as each one is terrific and brings a little something different to the (massage) table.

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